Earthquake and More

Last night there was a 4.4 earthquake at our Kilauea volcano and there was some ash in the air. Kilauea is one of 5 volcanoes on our island and the one which spewed lava recently.

Our farm is 90 driving miles and over 60 air miles from this crater so we are in no danger (well, that we know of).  Of the 5 lava zone classifications (1 being ‘bad’ and 5 being ‘no problem’) we are a 3. We are concerned for people near the crater, however they may still be fine.

We have had only a handful of earthquakes in the past day compared to thousands a day when there was lava flowing over there a year or so ago. So, although the one last night was a concern, it is not necessarily a warning. Our volcanoes are shield volcanoes and don’t really explode like others do. Ours tend to seep lava that usually flows like molasses.

So on our side of the island we are going about our business and not really concerned at all.


People watch the Kilauea volcanic eruption in Hawaii on Sunday. | Associated Press/ Photo by Janice Wei via National Park Service
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